Yeehaw!!  Vegas!
Taco Bell In Baker, CA
On the way to Vegas: the Taco Bell in Baker
the First HQ in NOrth Las Vegas
Mrs. Shred at HQ
Mrs. shred walking to the first hq
Inside HQ
Inside the First hq.   Hey!  Can I get a Passion fruit mole?
HQ: Register!
Register! Canvas! Latinos for OBama!
HQ: Vote Hope
Wow!  Lots of CA folks!
Dr. Shred and fellow Obamite
Dr. Shred and fellow Obamite
Fired Up, Ready To Go!
Fired up!  Ready To Go!
HQ2: Dr. Shred and the next Pres
Senator OBama and Dr. Shred
The Crew
OUr Group: JAna, Barbara, Zoe, Dr. Shred, Jo-Ann
Well, Ya Gotta Have Some Fun, Right?
Well, you're in Vagas, so ya might as well have some fun, right?
golden nugget