During a violent AZ storm - wind 11 mph with gusts up to 12 mph, 1/2" of rain - a section of the fence collapsed.

One of the posts in the fence was rotted out so instead of replacing it with a new one they just screwed on some small 2/4s to connect the section supported by the rotted out post with the crosspieces connected to the posts on either side.

I scrounged up some discarded palletes from the local industrial area and put together a, hopefully, temporary fix.

I used cable ties to bind it together.

fence #1
Secured the end pieces with double ties.
fence #2
The other end.
fence #3
Not too bad, for now. You can see one of the patch 2x4s, lighter in color, newer, that were screwed in with only two wood screws, supposed to hold everything together, but, obviously, gave way.
fence #4
fence #5