Cobain-Gravity's Rainbow Connection

I was reading a Thomas Pynchon FAQ about Kurt Cobain being inspired
by the passage

"Ah, they do bother him, these free woman in their teens,
their spirits are so contagious,
I'll tell you it's just --out, --ray, --juss,
Spirit is so --con, --tay, --juss,
Nobody know their ages ..."

to write "Smells Like Teen Spirit". That evening, in my reading of
GR, I came upon the exact same passage. A Pynchonesque coincidence?
The FAQ, however, does not draw attention to the third stanza

"Nev--ver,--mind, whatcha hear from your car,
Take a lookit just --how --keen --they are,
Nev --ver, --mind, --what, your calendar say,"

"Nevermind" is the name of Nirvana's *second album.

*"Nevermind" is one of the best rock albums ever made and that's saying
a lot for an older guy like me. It's their second album (not counting
the EP, "Blew"), though their first with Geffen. Their first album was
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