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C-2 Front

I love Hammonds. I'd love to own a B-3 and Leslie but I own a C-2.

C-2 Front
I have modified it with the Trek II TP-2B Percussion Unit and RV-1B Reverb Unit.
C-2 Front

Taking the place of a Leslie is the Motion Sound Pro-3T and Low-Pro rotating speaker amplifier.

Pro Front
The Pro-3T provides the highs and the Low-Pro provides the lows each with a rotating speaker. The Pro-3T has a tube pre-amp which can be overdriven to give you the growling organ sound al la Deep Purple.
C-2 Back
I modified the output of the organ by tapping off the G output on the C-2 preamp to a small RC circuit which can adjust the level of the signal going to the Pro-3T/Low-Pro. This also provides some flexibility in the distortion level of the resulting sound. I can also adjust the level for direct recording to the mixing board. We use this for rough rehearsal mixes, etc. The Pro-3T has direct out sockets but you don't get enough level with the speaker turned down.  When we want to overdub we mike the speakers.

I'm quite pleased with the equipment. The percussion unit is adjustable in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th harmonics of the upper manual as well as the decay. It gives an excellent sound. The 3 spring reverb is also excellent and is adjustable.

All organ and guitar modifications and repair by

Bill & Joanna Axman

Alltek Organ And Keyboard Service

924 Rock Ridge Ct.

Corona, CA 92880

(800) 378-0202

I also have a Rhodes electric piano (note: not Fender Rhodes).

C-2 Back
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