Skin O' My Teeth
Symphony Of Destruction
Architecture Of A Dream
High Speed Dirt

K:  Call Akai about the zip drive incompatability problem
Complete programming of general midi drum kit

29 July 1999 (Thursday)
Hooked the Juno, Akai, and Sound Canvas up to the Tascam mixer.
Hooked the Juno, Akai, and Sound Canvas in a midi daisy chain.
The signal is going through the chain but the Juno won't play.

2 August 1999 (Monday)
Korg is channel 1 by default.
mi_2 track 3 set to channel 1 for Korg.
Set Juno to channel 2.
Now can play all the instruments: Juno, Korg and Akai.
Used Koto voice on mi_2 track 3. Sounds cool. Next week:

9 August 1999 (Monday)
Steve successfully figured out how to use the Combination mode (can't use the Multimode because it's for General Midi).
Had to edit the 00 combo and then put in it the 0 - 8 voices our Koto (ch2) and a Gospel Org (ch3) then resaved to 00.
Somehow the Koto track (track 3) is shutting off the MPC2000 sounds.

18 August 1999 (Wednesday)(Wed, Ken wimped out on Monday)
Found out why the Koto track was turning off the MPC2000 sounds. In the patch column of the tracks view, the Koto was the only one that had a patch assigned to it. All the others had 'none' for the selection. Changed the Koto to none and now it works.
When soloing MPCdrums (ch10), the Juno plays the kickdrum part and when soloing the Juno, the MPC cymbol is being played ? Problem solved: Had to change the MPC input midi receive channels (see p.49 MPC manual) from 'ALL' to just channel ten. We accomplished by: 1. In Main Screen, go to TR: field and select tr1, now cursor down to DRUM/MIDI field directly below, and then press OPEN WINDOW and cursor to receive channel field and change to channel 10.

23 August 1999 (Monday)
Worked on mi_2.
Modified the organ part to match the music. Created the guitar track which is simply the guitar chords which look great.
Looped the piece and Ken and Steve jammed on guitar with the music.
Moved the B-E chord prog to the beginning of the piece and it sounded much better (saved as mi_2_1).

30 August 1999 (Monday)
Ken decided that adding a guitar track to mi_2 would be a bit much. Would make it too busy. Steve agreed.
C:\S&K Stuff\S&K Cakewalk\DrumSamples\MidiDrums\FunkVol6
Looking for good drum patterns.
D80bpm - Ch10, 80Bpm11 was good.
Ad100slo - Good, has a series of drum patterns - Slow down to ~ 80Bpm
Ad100sw - Good, has a series of drum patterns - Slow down to ~ 80Bpm
Also looking for Bass on Korg Sound Module
Ax6 (a16,a26,a36..A96) - A06 sounds like an upright bass. A46 Slap Bass, sounds good.
Mi_3 - copied drum beat from Ad100sw (see mi_3 info). Created a bass track.
Used Fat Fretty from Korg.
Discovered how to change clef: select layout in staff view. Created short test bass track.

6 1999 September - Labor Day - No session

September 13 1999 (Monday)
Ken Sold his Purple Stack to Rich Lewis.
Ken took out JV880 and are looking for some different sounds.
Performance # I-14 Diamond Dust sounds pretty good. Start working with that.

23 1999 September (Thursday, switch from Monday. Ken can't make it)

September 27 1999 (Monday)
Ken conducted a tutorial for Dr. Shred on the operation of the power conditioners, MOTU2408, Digital Timepiece, DA7 and Cakewalk to prepare for recording. Steve wrote down all the info in a file on the computer.

2 October 1999 (Monday)
Continue equipment tutorial.
Ken, bring in your mini-keyboard.
Steve: work on album concept etc.
Steve: work on mi_3 @ home.
Steve: bring kids.
Work on next mi_3.

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