The Wit and Wisdom of Steve Edlefsen

Now matter how happy people are, they will seek ways of being unhappy.

Every prophesy comes true if you wait long enough.

It is ancient conceit, the feeling that you know secrets your elders didn't.

My hubris cannot compete with your humble truth.

The only thing we have in common are our differences.

All your answers will be questioned.

Paris - The Windy Fromage

Popping a pimple is akin to orgasm. The initial pain/pleasure, then the voilent ecstatic release and sublime relaxation. There should be, therefore, a connection here between sex and hygene?

Desire follows thought, action follows desire.

If greater than 50% of the people in the world are insane, then being sane is being insane. Just like there being 70% of the people who are dysfuntional, mean the other 30% are abnormal(?)

Giving advice is easier than following it.

The lives saved by love cannot compensate the lives destroyed by hate.

Oedipus should have dealt with it and moved on.

Debauchery is ahead of its time by definition

We're all losers to some extent.

You're not great until somebody else says you are. This doesn not include the voices inside your head.

He may have the authority, but you have the power

It's funny that somone who is as imperfect as he demands such high standards for everybody else.

He who is cursed by the gods, is also blessed of them

On The Pledge Of Allegience As an athiest, I find it offensive. As a citizen, pointless.

On The Greatest Metaphor In Human History Aesop's Dog In The Manger

Some music sounds like a quilt not sown together

A ready wit ("ready expressions") is no substitute for a keen mind.

Miracles are a sizable number of positive, random events that occur together. Likewise, disasters are a sizable number of negative, random events that occur together.

Mathematics is the science of physics. Physics is the science of Chemistry. Chemistry is the science of Biology. Biology is the science of Zoology. Zoology is the science of Sociology. Sociology is the Science of Economics. Economics is the science of everything.

The journey reveals new wonders, invisible until it is undertaken.

Republicans compensate for their half truths with the double-edged sword.

They say illicit, consensual sex is a victimless crime, but I say both become victims.

Money is where the money is.

I do remember forgetting it.

The silence before the teakettle sings.

Meditation, not medication

I've thought about suicide, but decided against it, since I realized it is also committing murder, which I don't believe in.

If you're not making a total fool of yourself at least once a month, you're probably not making any progress.

It's better to look like a fool and everything turn out all right than a hero and everything collapse.

Don't mistake incompetance for intelligent design

On journalism In reporting on a train wreck, it's not important to talk about the paint on the caboose

She was a wife that was too bad to be true

If you want to know how it feels to be an animal, look inside yourself.

Cons say we're all supposed to respect the flag, but what happens when the flag doesn't respect you?

My full house beats your two of a kind (Responding to a dink (dual income, no kids))